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Peace be upon you Readers!

I usually pack notes in my kid’s lunch boxes because it gives them relief knowing that I am still thinking about them. You never know what sort of situation your child is facing alone, and maybe by reading your encouraging words, they might feel better. A few days ago, I felt lousy about not finding time to sit down with my kids and discuss religion. So I thought about making these printable notes that have Quranic verses on them and a little explanation on the side. If you decide to use these for your children, please follow these instructions:

1) Print LunchBox Notes 1.pdf
2) Cut along the dotted line
3) Fold the pieces of the card, so the printed part is inside
4) Write a note from yourself on the outside.

Encourage your children, to remember the Ayah and the Surah it came from. When they come home, they can look it up in the Quran and see it for themselves. You could try and make them memorize the Ayah in Arabic and then have a small discussion about it. At the end of the week, you could quiz them as well. Collect all the notes and you can make it into a small booklet for them to go over in time.

Enjoy !

Stay tuned for next week’s quotes on Nature in the Quran.

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