The King of Men

  Let me start off by saying. I respect men and I respect the battles they face outside their homes. It's not easy and its even harder to be responsible for a household and keep everyone happy. Having said that, generally, across the world, the responsibility to provide and protect lies with men and women more... Continue Reading →

LunchBox Notes 4- Animals

Dear Parents, This week, the children will learn the importance of animals and how they facilitate our survival on earth. Our children must learn how to protect the environment and the animals living in it. Everything on earth is a creation of Allah and deserves to be treated with respect and importance. Encourage Children to... Continue Reading →

Cultural Conformity and Compliance.

To the people who are suffering in the name of culture. What is cultural conformity? What does it mean to comply with the culture? Why do we adopt beliefs, values, and traditions even if they make no sense? Cultures have no rule book and are not definitive. It's ever-changing with time and people's mentality. Looking... Continue Reading →

Books of The Week- Cultural Diversity

Introducing a new weekly post. This week is about teaching your children acceptance and cultural diversity.

LunchBox Notes. Week 3- Human Body

Peace be Upon you Friends ! This week’s topic is the Human Body, a blessing and a gift from Allah. Children should learn the importance of their senses and their body parts. We as humans have learned to be empathetic towards a blind person or a person with a disability because we understand what life must... Continue Reading →

The Harvard Boy With Nothing.

Good inspiration can come from anywhere; we just need to be aware of what is happening around us and draw the morals out of it. Today it's a boy who rose from the ashes with only determination and faith to his name. Usually, when someone doesn't make it in life, they have reasons for it,... Continue Reading →

The Quran race. Does it work?

"Oh My Lord! Open my chest. And ease my task for me. Remove the impediment from my speech so that they may understand what I say" (20:25-28) I went to a popular Islamic bookstore in Toronto today to find a specific type of Quran for my son. The owner of the store was an old... Continue Reading →

Life is like that.

A race analogous to the discipline of life. It's about an opportunity to learn a life lesson and apply it to your goals.

​Take out the Desi Beat. Ages 0-2.

These techniques will help parents build trust and predictability in children which in hindsight will lead them to behave better.

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