Love and Marriage in the West

  For this post I decided to put some Western Twist into the mix and talk about Love. Just as a heads up, my intent is not to offend someone but I am merely presenting my own view point. We all look at things through our own paradigms and arrive at different conclusions. Just like... Continue Reading →

Arranged Marriage Conundrums. Part I

      Hello Readers,   First of all, I would like to apologize for this humongous two week gap. I was battling with some family issues and the minus thirty degree cold that's bringing in waves of sicknesses. I am already counting down the days until spring would come and lift up our spirits... Continue Reading →

Skin Color- Books of the Week

Your Skin Color My previous post The Color of my Skin was written from an adult's perspective and how each culture views skin color and treats the person accordingly. However, there is another culture that negatively affects a child because they look different and that is the school culture. School life is tough for a kid... Continue Reading →

The Color of my Skin.

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" Where ever we live, home or in a foreign country, we come across various people of all colors and shades. It is a fact that your skin color is genetically adapted to the environment you live in and therefore acts as a protection... Continue Reading →

The King of Men

  Let me start off by saying. I respect men and I respect the battles they face outside their homes. It's not easy and its even harder to be responsible for a household and keep everyone happy. Having said that, generally, across the world, the responsibility to provide and protect lies with men and women more... Continue Reading →

LunchBox Notes 4- Animals

Dear Parents, This week, the children will learn the importance of animals and how they facilitate our survival on earth. Our children must learn how to protect the environment and the animals living in it. Everything on earth is a creation of Allah and deserves to be treated with respect and importance. Encourage Children to... Continue Reading →

Cultural Conformity and Compliance.

To the people who are suffering in the name of culture. What is cultural conformity? What does it mean to comply with the culture? Why do we adopt beliefs, values, and traditions even if they make no sense? Cultures have no rule book and are not definitive. It's ever-changing with time and people's mentality. Looking... Continue Reading →

Books of The Week- Cultural Diversity

Introducing a new weekly post. This week is about teaching your children acceptance and cultural diversity.

LunchBox Notes. Week 3- Human Body

Peace be Upon you Friends ! This week’s topic is the Human Body, a blessing and a gift from Allah. Children should learn the importance of their senses and their body parts. We as humans have learned to be empathetic towards a blind person or a person with a disability because we understand what life must... Continue Reading →

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