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East to West Parenting

East to West Parenting is a blog about multicultural parenting, promoting cultural diversity and raising social awareness about issues that weaken our societies from within. I offer parental guidance to help raise children who are self-confident, empathetic and balanced. Through my blog, I dare to attempt the impossible and try to make people realize that we are similar to each other in multiple ways even when we consider each other poles apart.

Greetings Earthlings!

We were all born on earth, which makes us human before we account for any other difference. Despite being so divergent we are all put on this one planet for one reason and that is to coexist with each other. That is the task. Learning to live and let live. We are all given the same anatomy. A face; two hands; two feet; a brain that thinks; a beating heart that feels. We are all humans and that means humanity should prevail over every atrocity that is committed on this earth. But does it?

Values- Who Do They Belong To?

My aim is to bridge the gap between eastern and western values but what are those values? How are western values different than eastern values? Religion and cultures can be different but values are not. Good values should be a shared by everyone regardless of where they come from and what they believe in. Honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, generosity etc. are all values that everyone should practice in every culture. Good humans practice good values but how many of us realize that before we start counting the differences on our fingertips?

Our Beautiful Differences.

I always see culture as an artist. We take green paint and keep adding more of the same color. Does anything happen? Is it getting darker? Does it change in color? Obviously, No. But when we take a little bit of blue and mix it in, what happens? We get a different shade. When we keep mixing in two different shades it assimilates into each other beautifully and creates a whole other shade, Teal (my favorite). Without the properties of the blue or green paint, we would never get teal. Similarly, we can retain our own customs, religion, and values and also assimilate into a society that is different from us. Understanding the differences and letting go of them at the same time is essential if we have to coexist in multicultural societies.

The world

Social Awareness

We must raise social awareness about issues that corrupt our societies from within as well. We need to raise questions about our hypocrisies and our twisted ideologies. We must try to beat the culture of inequality and misogyny. It is imperative to raise children who are adaptable to any culture without losing their sense of self but also not to adopt the hypocrisy that has been corroding our culture. Again, humanity should always precede and it is imperative to stop any inhumane act with our hands, our words and our hearts.

The Blog

The posts on my blog comprise of topics that are mainly divided into the Eastern and Western world. There are certain things that touch my heart about Canadians and other Westerners I meet when I am travelling and I would like the world to know that life is not about playing the politics of division. It is also about loving another human being and respecting what they do and that could be anyone. A lot of their actions encourage you to be better than yourself and thats what I believe in. Always improving. Always learning from others. As Tony Robbins says “If nothing is growing then it only means your’e dying”.

The Youth section comprises of inspirational posts for the younger generation and to let them know that they are not alone through their tumultuous years and hopefully we will aim to push and motivate them in a manner that is balanced through our stories. What we teach our children today will affect how our world will be in twenty years. It is a very short time to create a global effect and we need our children to make up for those differences that have brought us here today.

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