LunchBox Notes 4- Animals

Dear Parents, This week, the children will learn the importance of animals and how they facilitate our survival on earth. Our children must learn how to protect the environment and the animals living in it. Everything on earth is a creation of Allah and deserves to be treated with respect and importance. Encourage Children to... Continue Reading →

LunchBox Notes. Week 3- Human Body

Peace be Upon you Friends ! This week’s topic is the Human Body, a blessing and a gift from Allah. Children should learn the importance of their senses and their body parts. We as humans have learned to be empathetic towards a blind person or a person with a disability because we understand what life must... Continue Reading →

LunchBox Notes- Nature

Peace be Upon you Friends ! This week's topic is Nature. God gave us the earth to serve us and our needs. It protects us but have we protected it? Have we respected God's blessing to us? Our kids (unfortunately) have to be more vigilant about protecting the environment. I have added some thinking questions... Continue Reading →

LunchBox Notes- Personality

Peace be upon you Readers! I usually pack notes in my kid's lunch boxes because it gives them relief knowing that I am still thinking about them. You never know what sort of situation your child is facing alone, and maybe by reading your encouraging words, they might feel better. A few days ago, I... Continue Reading →

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