Finally, Justice for Zainab


The death that prompted country wide protests has finally found justice for Zainab. Twenty four year old, Imran was arrested and confessed his crime along with seven other child killings. For once the government lived up to its promise and delivered it under two weeks.

Even though Imran is caught, it does not pacify the family in anyway. This man may have killed one girl, but along with her he has also killed a whole family who will live day and night in turmoil and anguish thinking about the way their little girl left the world. Will punishing him bring their girl back? Will it provide any solace? No. Soon, another rapist will show up and another and each of them will also receive a capital punishment. Has it been enough to decrease the rate of crime in Pakistan? No.


We should ask those families who have lost their loved ones, what punishment do they see fit for such criminals? They are the ones whose hearts on fire. They would probably want him to be tormented and put him through the same pain their daughter was put through. After Zainab, a lot more families came forward in the media and have been asking justice for their children who met the same fate as Zainab. I hope the government deals with it with the same efficiency and urgency as they did in this case.

Islam has the most severe punishments for such crimes and there is a reason for it. The punishment for rape is flogging or stoning him to death. Not only will he die a thousand times over but the ones watching him suffer as his soul departs his despicable body, slowly and painfully, will remember  how he was put to death for such a crime. Islamic punishments may be severe but they are befitting to the crime committed.

Even then, this will not be the end for him because one day he will have to face God and only He will give a retribution that will last an eternity for this monster and any other monster who commits such an act, especially with innocent children. I hope that the People of Pakistan and it’s government fight like this for every child and woman (although I hope they never have to). Let’s keep ourselves awake for our people.

Take care of your children.


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