Rape and Molestation in the Asian Subcontinent

The world faces an unsolvable dilemma concerning rape and molestation crimes that are on the rise with no effective solutions to curb or control the problem. What do we do? How do we protect our children? How can women defend themselves?  What ways should we use to educate our population? Every year unfortunate cases emerge, each one more violent, horrific and appalling than the previous. It provokes you to think, what kind of monsters are roaming around us in the form of humans? Some, complete strangers and others that we know and trust.

The Asian subcontinent has reached new heights in monstrosity, inhumanity, and pure evilness. Rape and child molestations have become so prevalent that it provokes you to question humanity. When will our own countries be safe for our children and us? When will the protection of every individual become a priority in our countries?

Gruesome stories come out every day, and there are numerous that go unreported. Two stories surfaced a few days ago. First, of an eight-year-old girl, Zainab, found dead in a heap of trash in the city of Kasur, Pakistan. She was raped multiple times before she was strangled to death and thrown in a landfill a few blocks away from home. The second report was a fifteen-year-old boy who met the same fate as Zainab in Faisalabad. A few months ago, in India, a man had raped a baby eleven months old. We need to delve deep into our societies and question what is making men so sexually frustrated? Why are they walking around in broad daylight looking for a target whether it be a woman, a child or even an animal?

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I have been brewing on it for a while trying to listen to other people and their suggestions on how to tackle this new arising problem in the region. Most people just want these rapists to be tortured and hanged. I agree, they should pay for what they did. But pretty soon, another rapist will be on a prowl and eventually will find his prey. They will learn to become more discreet and unnoticed. They will increase so much in numbers (which they already are) that they will make it impossible for governments and people to find them. When it comes to criminals, the personal gain and satisfaction outweigh all the risk factors. So even if you try to make an example out of one, it’s not going to affect the others.

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Some suggested, educate the boys. It’s a good point but how does one accomplish that in a country like Pakistan that has an illiteracy rate of estimated 70%? And the literates aren’t far off either on being as uneducated in this matter. Just walk into any school, college or university and find out about the sex culture there. Yes, not everyone indulges in it, but it’s happening enough to be a problem. Boys use girls, exploit their innocence and pressure them to give in and other girls willingly indulge in such activities. And let’s not forget our feudal lords and politicians including their sons, who think they are above the system and have the power and money to buy anyone.

Another suggestion, the government has to provide us the protection. First of all, the belief and values of a population are reflected in the politicians and parties they choose, and that is a whole other discussion. The government is only partly to blame, but the majority of the responsibility lies with the people of Pakistan. When they want to, change will be inevitable until that nothing is happening. Commonly there are three types of social classes in any country. In Pakistan the elites are no different than the lower class and it’s the small percentage of the middle class that actually wants the reform.

The problem is not illiterate people, educating men or the governments. Its the combination of many reasons that are creating these monsters. We tend to develop a tunnel vision when faced with such predicaments and we fail to take notice of all the things that are affecting men to behave in such gruesome ways. Men don’t magically get aroused, something causes them to act in such a way and that’s what we need to explore.

But more on that in Part 2.

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