LunchBox Notes 4- Animals

Dear Parents,

This week, the children will learn the importance of animals and how they facilitate our survival on earth. Our children must learn how to protect the environment and the animals living in it. Everything on earth is a creation of Allah and deserves to be treated with respect and importance. Encourage Children to learn about animals, their life cycle and how they survive in the circle of life.

Encourage your children, to remember the Ayah and the Surah it came from. Ask them to find it in the Quran. If you have older children, they could memorize it in Arabic. At the end of the week, you could quiz them as well. Collect all the notes and make it into a small booklet.

  • Print LunchBox Notes 4- Animals.
  •  Cut along the dotted line
  • Fold the pieces of the card.
  • Write a note from yourself on the outside.

Stay tuned for next week’s topic – Heaven.

Enjoy !

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