Books of The Week- Cultural Diversity

Reading children books makes the world seem simple and uncomplicated. Sometimes we don’t need a lot of jargon. We don’t need explanations of what things are, how it began and where it’s going. We just need to know what it is. Other than my weekly Lunchbox Notes, I want to include a list of children books on a particular topic each week. This week is multiculturalism and acceptance.

Ever since I started thinking about this blog, I have been pondering on the thought…

  • How to teach my children to be accepting of others?
  • How can I make them recognize and retain their identity and respect others who are different?
  • How do I explain to them that it’s not ok to mock others for the things they can’t change, like their religion, nationality, race, the color of their skin, or even disability?

No one should suffer because of the things they can’t change. Kids should be able to say “Oh wow, you’re from India, tell me a little bit about your country” without mocking their accent, dressing, hairstyle or the foods they were eating. We have to teach kids to look past these appearances and we need to trigger their inner need to know someone and developing respect for them. The key to that is exposure. When we constantly expose them to diversity through traveling, going to multicultural events, making friends from all walks of life, displaying interest in other cultures and talking to them about it, only then our children will learn to respect other culture and religions.

A child gets exposed to a lot of teasing in school because they stand out, and a parent cannot have the attitude “We will cross that bridge when we get to it”. It’s common sense, Prevention is the cure. We must deal with things before, why should we let it get to the point where a child has hurt another or a child has been made fun of? Why put a child through such feelings and then do something about it?  So today’s post is all about teaching children acceptance. I have compiled a list of those books that I feel are insightful and will do the job of teaching your kids about cultural diversity.

Enjoy !

For Babies 0-2 years

Global Babies

Global Baby Girls (Global Fund for Children)

Global Baby Bedtimes

Global Baby Boys (Global Fund for Children Books (Hardcover))

and a personal favourite.

Everywhere Babies

For  2 years and plus

A Rainbow of Friends

This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World

Do I Look Odd To You: A multicultural children’s book about embracing diversity.

Children Just Like Me: A new celebration of children around the world

We’re Different, We’re the Same (Sesame Street) (Pictureback(R))

Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Books)

It’s Okay To Be Different

Let’s Talk About Race

Next weeks post – The color of your skin.

Stay Safe and Keep in Touch.



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