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My blog is about Parenting in a Multicultural society. The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. Differences can become strengths only if we are willing to learn and appreciate them. My blog will mostly be about promoting cultural diversity and raising social awareness. My vision is to touch the positives in diverse cultures and bring awareness to those issues that are weakening our values in general. Western society finds it difficult to understand eastern cultures. Families that have come from the east find it challenging to transition into the lifestyle of the west. We need to find a middle ground and be able to retain our identities as well as assimilate in an environment different to ours.


My eastern brothers and sisters, why is it that when we immigrate to another country, we can only see and adopt the negatives? Immediately, we start pointing out the differences not realizing that they are the host countries who are welcoming you. Why can’t we adopt the good values of a new society or culture instead? By establishing what is similar between us and intend to get along? Why can’t we learn from the western society to make our countries better and influence our families in a better way? (I know its a long shot).

My Western friends, if you asked an immigrant why he came to your country, they will probably reply with two answers, education or safety. People migrated before in pursuit of a good education but now the largest human displacement this century has seen is due to wars in search of one man, one group or oil and millions of innocent people had to pay for it. Nobody chooses to uproot their families and leave the countries where their ancestors and children were born in. How is it that we don’t understand the resentment of such people who have been separated from their homes, their loved ones and their country? How are we not able to put ourselves in their shoes and try to feel what they went through?

Humanity should always come first. How else can we be empathetic towards each other if we don’t realize that we are first and foremost humans?. We are also Parents with a universal language. Our values as parents are the same, but I believe we all have something to learn from our differences too. We are all looking out for the well-being of our child, and we want to make sure they become contributing individuals of our society. Change begins at home. To bring about that change we all need to play our parts, and we need to play them well. I know I won’t be able to make a dent, but I still hope to inspire enough to bring a minuscule change.

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Thank you.

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